Te Papa conference the first for New Zealand Women in Medicine

Sue Stewart: GDipBus (Personal Financial Planning), CFPCM
Financial Adviser – Investments

The inaugural New Zealand Women in Medicine (NZWIM) conference took place at Te Papa, Wellington earlier this month with the theme of Kotahitanga me Manaakitanga – Celebrating strength in our unity, supporting our community.

After the disruptions of the past couple of years, it was great to put the zoom calls on hold and get face to face with the other delegates and presenters.

MFAS’s Director, Sue Stewart and Risk specialist Lynda Taylor delivered a presentation titled ‘Reaching your full potential: the power of financial wellbeing and how to achieve this for yourself.’

Sue said “the motivation for this topic came from wanting to empower the women present to take control of their own financial future and to demonstrate that this could be achieved, despite being busy, with dedicated help available to make this as stress free and illuminating as possible.”

First and foremost, MFAS would like to acknowledge the superb work undertaken by the NZWIM organizing committee. This meeting had such a different vibe as this was a community – started through Facebook several years ago. From small beginnings this amazing network of women from all specialist areas in medicine could come together and find inspiration on ways to become a more considered medical professional. The fact that it wasn’t targeted to one specific specialty seemed to allow for a different level of inclusiveness and comradery.

The response following the conference has been amazing for MFAS, with about 80 delegates listening to our presentation on Thursday and “getting” what financial planning is about. We received a great array of comments from delegates – “This bores me silly” “I don’t know where to start, or who to trust” “I want to have a better understanding of my financial affairs – but I don’t have the time”; and then this was followed up as they came by to have a chat and to say thank you for demystifying the basics and for showing that financial advice is accessible to them, even with restricted time.

The fact is it does not need to be difficult to have control of your financial future and know there are steps that you can take today to help you feel more in control of your own position, whatever that looks like for you. What’s more there are people (like MFAS) who can help provide you with financial advice and to define and illustrate your path forward. You do need to take control of your finances for your future self, but you do not have to do it alone.