Investment positioning for 2022

There is now international agreement that high inflation can no longer be viewed as “transitory” and both inflation and interest rates will continue to rise. However, despite this, MFAS remains strongly of the view that a well-diversified portfolio, which contains assets which profit from rising inflation and interest rates, will be more resilient through this… [Read more]

Our changed financial world

Our Changed Financial WorldIf you are holding bank deposits as long term investments and hoping that interest rates willincrease sometime soon… set to be disappointed. Most NZ economists are predictingnegative interest rates (at wholesale/bank level) will be a new reality. Offshore, the FederalReserve in the USA has recently changed its base policy for dealing with… [Read more]

Financial planning for the ages.

It is likely there will be many times through your lives that good financial advice will be useful. In over 20 years assisting health professionals, we have seen many different profiles that keep us on our toes, and these are often age related. For our contribution to the first 2021 NZMJ Digest, it may be… [Read more]