Any workplace scheme where your employer contributes funds to your retirement position provides an advantage that needs to be maximised. There is a range of Superannuation product out there, be it historically through National Provident or currently District Health Board offerings and other schemes. As amounts accumulated over time are likely to be substantial, this deserves your attention to detail. What was a suitable strategy at the commencement of your career is unlikely to be appropriate as you approach retirement age. Prudent selection and review of your Superannuation scheme provides opportunity to align outcomes with your specific needs. After many years serving our medical clientele, we are familiar with the schemes on offer, and can discuss advantages/disadvantages with you.

Offshore Pensions

If you have emigrated from the UK or Australia or indeed completed a fellowship offshore you may have contributed to an offshore pension. Detailed (and ever changing)  rules apply in respect of taxation and transferability. This is a complicated area and through years of practical experience we can assist you with an independent overview of how best to maximise pension entitlement.

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