Insurance – A strategy to mitigate your financial risks

The Partner

Medical Financial Advisory Services Ltd (MFAS) provides specialised financial planning advice (investment, insurance and mortgage finance) to health professionals across New Zealand.  We offer a comprehensive service to medical professionals and have done so for over 20 years.

We know one size does not fit all so we tailor strategies to your specific goals to ensure they will work for you in a simple but effective manner. Our team include specialists in investment, insurance, and mortgage finance, enabling us to deliver a holistic approach with the aim of achieving optimum efficiency for you.

The success of your Financial Plan is underpinned by your ability to earn. If this earning capacity is compromised there needs to be plans in place to protect you, your practice, and the people you love.

Your Insurance Plan is designed and structured to deliver the right amount of money, to the right people, at the right time. We work beside you to ensure your Plan remains appropriate as your life changes.

There is nothing “exciting” about insurance. Whilst we get caught up in discussions about policy wordings, levels of cover and premiums, insurance is in fact about choice, dignity, preservation of lifestyle and peace of mind!

The Offer 

Insurance Planning and advice:

  • MFAS will review your existing insurances or provide advice for those who have not considered insurance previously, at no cost and with no obligation.
  • We will provide a comprehensive report outlining your financial situation and how you can mitigate your risks.
  • We will structure an insurance plan that best meets your needs and considers all types of cover: protecting your earning capacity, your loved ones in the event of premature death, your ability to withstand a critical illness, your ability to access private health care. Focus is given to levels and structure of cover.
  • Having agencies with many of New Zealand’s leading insurers, we will go to the market to compare policy wordings and premiums.
  • Protect your team – we can access group schemes, subject to certain criteria, allowing you to offer insurances to your staff that include benefits such as covering pre-existing conditions with competitive premiums, to enhance staff retention.
  • Protect your Key People and shareholders – specific business policies for specific business needs.

Access the offer

Click on ‘Access the offer’ on the button below and let us know which of our services you would like to explore. You will then be connected with the team at MFAS.  Or give the team a call on 0800 379 325.

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Small Print

This offer is only available to RANZCR members who live in New Zealand.

RANZCR is not involved in the provision or recommendation of any financial product, service or advice to any individual or organisation. Any member who engages with MFAS needs to decide if the information and services to be provided are appropriate to their personal circumstances prior to taking any action. 

RANZCR recommend that members should raise any query or concern they may have directly with MFAS or seek alternative financial advice. RANZCR will receive an upfront and ongoing fee when a member’s insurance plan is implemented with MFAS. 

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