One hat does not fit all.

There are many dedicated insurance companies in New Zealand and there are subtle differences in terms of their policy wordings.  Built-in benefits, levels of cover, definitions of disablement are just a few examples. They also take different views on various conditions with some insurers more lenient on family history; so if your mother or sister has had breast cancer, that will not impact on your application, whereas another insurer will charge you more because of your family history.  Other insurers are more lenient if, for example, your weight is higher than it should be.

Choosing the right insurer for your personal circumstances provides you with the best solution.  

Our MFAS risk specialist, Lynda Taylor, has access to a range of offerings from New Zealand’s leading insurers and will provide you with advice, explanation and discussion to ensure you have a protection plan that is tailored to your personal circumstances.

While a bank may offer insurances, they are generally working with only one insurance company, and their staff may not be aware of the various policies in the marketplace.

Our service is free to you, but more importantly, you get a personalised plan that will deliver the best result for you, your family and your business.  A hat that fits you perfectly!

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