Need to make a claim on your medical insurance?

By Risk specialist Lynda Taylor. Licensed Financial Adviser FSP 9752

No doubt you are well aware that there has been a back log of medical procedures due to health care providers playing catch up since Covid.  If you are sitting on the other side of the fence and need to lodge a claim, I understand it can be stressful and confusing and I am here to help. 

Many of the health insurers now have online portals enabling them to process your claim as efficiently as possible.  To ensure your claim is treated in this way, it is so important to have soft copies of referral letters from your own GP, estimates of costs from the provider, and any other information provided to you by the medical professionals you are consulting with.  As such, ask these providers or their administration staff to cc you in on any referral emails to other consultants so you have this information to hand.

I would suggest you label each of the documents with your policy number and a description of the document (for example: policy 12345 Taylor Lynda Estimate of costs to remove wisdom teeth or policy 12345 Taylor Lynda Referral letter to skin specialist).  Set up a file on your desktop and save all these documents into this file.  It is then easy to upload the documents to a portal when you go to lodge your claim.  I would also recommend that you lodge your claim as soon as possible as there can be 5 – 10 day turnaround times given the volume of claims being dealt with.