Building Wealth

We understand that serving your community as a healthcare professional is a vocation rather than an occupation and like many of your colleagues you may plan to work, on either a full or part-time basis, beyond standard retirement age.  Or you may choose to retire early and follow a whole new pathway.  Regardless, it is critical to build sufficient wealth over your practicing years to provide for your future when work income ceases.

We will assist you in clarifying what is important to you, help you define your financial objectives and then develop a personalised strategy to achieve your wealth accumulation target based on your objectives. 

There is no doubt that your objectives will change over time as your circumstances evolve and as such your strategy will be a living document tailored for you with flexibility and liquidity as key components. Progress is regularly measured and reported to ensure your targets are being met. No surprises!

All initial consultations are free of charge.  We are always happy to have a chat so call us today on 0800 379 325 or email us

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