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Why Use MFAS?
Articles posted on 15 / 10 / 18

Supported by a relationship with the NZMA, we assist medical professionals throughout New Zealand.

Medicos are our clients, and over the years we have got to know your issues well. Primarily health professionals are inevitably time poor so we seek to provide robust financial strategies that are simple and effective and then report, measure and monitor your position to ensure you remain on track.

One size does not fit all. We tailor strategies to your specific objectives to ensure they will work for you.  With specialists in the areas of investment, insurance and finance we will coordinate your requirements in a cost-effective way that benefits you. For instance, we have found in our reviews that many practitioners are over-insured through middle age. With debt often repaid, children independent and wealth building, there is nothing better than being told by us that your expensive insurances can be decreased.

Peace of mind is a haven for the hardworking. Our team will be able to explore your objectives through a holistic approach, achieve optimum efficiency and maintain this through life’s curve balls and stages. Our illustrative software modelling that is the basis of our planning advice, and that many of you will have seen, underpins a logical and methodical approach that is replicable, time effective and proven over time. 

Lynda Taylor, AFA, BBS – Insurance Specialist

Graduate, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend and Authorised Financial Adviser, I am the in-house risk expert, and happy to assist you, your family and your business with a well-structured and highly personalised risk plan.

Retirement planning and a structured approach to wealth accumulation are so important; yet inherent in this planning is the assumption that you will enjoy good health, and therefore maintain and increase your earning capacity.  Insurances protect you against financial loss if along life’s journey you have health battles, become temporarily or totally disabled; or worse still pass away prematurely.

Our business philosophy is simple – have a protection plan that is robust and will deliver the right amount of money to the right people at the right time. Ensuring we set the policy up correctly at the outset ensures we deliver the results at claim time. Remaining up to date is critical and I regularly attend industry conferences and professional developments days.

Walking our beaches and countryside, bashing a squash ball, and enjoying wine and food with family and friends are a few of my favourite past times… and hopefully, help to provide some level of self-insurance!   

Ryan Amoore, RFA – Mortgage Specialist

I am the newest member of the MFAS team and have joined to help clients with their mortgage requirements, a service that has definitely proved popular!

If you prefer personalised service and access to every mortgage lender in NZ, then I am available to help. Instead of you having to contact and compare multiple lenders let me do the “legwork” for you as I will ensure your application is put to the most competitive and effective lender.  

I work on the principle that if I manage the detail, then it simplifies the experience for you.  I will also communicate with you on time, every time so that your property transaction becomes the pleasurable new project it should be.

If you are after a smooth process with clear sight of the finish line, less work, lower interest rates, higher cash contributions and a mortgage structure to allow you to pay down efficiently, then I can help you achieve these goals.  We don’t charge a fee for the service so effectively this is a free lunch.

A mortgage practitioner’s life involves long working hours to fit in with clients busy schedules. It is always a pleasure to get away and spend time with my (ever forgiving) wife and young family.