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Mortgages Made Easier
Articles posted on 18 / 09 / 18

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At MFAS, we have recently extended our mortgage advice service and would like to introduce Ryan Amoore.  While Ryan is new to our team, and despite his youthful appearance, he is a highly regarded mortgage broker and has already helped several of our clients into their new properties. 

One of the advantages of working with a mortgage broker is that they have strong working relationships with a wide range of banks and non-bank lenders, so can find a solution for almost any property situation.  

As there are subtle differences between the various products offered by the banks and more significant differences in the way some lenders treat applications, Ryan is able to help save you time by ensuring your application is directed to the most likely (and convenient for you) bank for your particular situation.  

If lending is not available from a registered bank, then it may still be possible using a specialist lender.  These companies and products are not usually directly available to the public so working with a mortgage adviser increases your options.

Ryan works on the principle that if he manages the detail then it simplifies the experience for you, and your property transaction becomes the pleasurable new project it should be!  He turns the whole experience into a smooth process with clear sight of the finish line, less work for you, lower interest rates, higher cash contributions and a mortgage structure to allow you to pay down your debt.  Yes, that’s right – better rates than your personal banker will offer you.

As with the rest of the MFAS team, Ryan is happy to be available outside of normal working hours, as required, to get the job done for you.

MFAS mortgage broking services are free to you as the bank/lender will pay a commission for Ryan’s services.  So whether you are buying a property or wanting to refinance some or all of your current borrowings then Ryan can provide advice and how to maximise the current low-interest rate environment.   We highly recommend you don't let your bank roll you over!  This service is available wherever you are looking to buy in New Zealand!

Call Ryan on 021 662 205 or email on ryan@mfas.co.nz